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Download Finger Games at London
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Download Finger Olympic
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DIGIT and his friends go to London! 

With an experience of more than 4.0 million downloads! "Finger Olympic" comes renewed with more discipline, more challenges and more fun!!. 

Digit, Thumby, Pinky, Toe and Yubi also want their chance in the summer games, to show their skills on the track and field events and win the GOLD
Finger Games is a Track and Field sports game for IPhone & IPod touch where you can be an Atlhete player in many skill levels. You will play as "DIGIT" , the leading character that challenges 4 funny finger opponents Thumby, Pinky, Yubi and Toe, they are the "finger" athletes who compete for the Gold medal in the most demanding Olympic games for your fingers. 

Run as fast as you can by tapping rapidly on your device's screen but be wise in your strategy making use of your energy. 

Avaliable Events: 
*100 Metres 
*110 Metres Hurdles 
*Long Jump 
*Javelin Throw 
*400 Metres 
*Pole Vault 
*High Jump 

Experience the thrill of competition your fingers can bring! 1343316676_ss_03.png


Take the challenge and win!


FingerOlympic lets you share your best marks with your friends on Twitter & Facebook! 

Also GameCenter Support to compete with "fingers" athletes from around the world.

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